The 4 Wheels

Every church needs 4 wheels on the bus.

The bus is not a transit bus where people come and go; it is like a team bus where people know each other and care. The side of the bus has a big LOVE sign on it. Not because it is aspirational but because it is actual.

One front wheel on the bus is rolling to get Old Friends on the bus.

The other front wheel is rolling to integrate people into the family.

One back wheel is rolling to reach New Friends — the people we don’t know yet.

The other back wheel is rolling to reach out altruistically to people and places from which the church can gain no direct benefit.

All four wheels must be in balance and alignment or the church is in for a bumpy ride. Further, when the wheels lack the lubrication necessary, it takes much more effort to roll the bus. The same is true of misalignment. If one or more wheels aren’t perfectly rolling in the desired direction it not only takes more energy to keep the bus moving, it wears out the tires. Bumpy riding buses are no fun!

Curiously, very few lessons in pastoral preparation give attention to these truths. Most church leaders are left to their own devices to figure out why the bus isn’t humming along. They work on the parts they were taught about but don’t give appropriate attention to these four wheels.

Help me help others fix that! You can do that by adding reviews for the books on your favourite online retailer. Good reviews impact sales in a positive direction. More sales provide more potential for helping other roll their bus without listening to a labouring engine or worse leavng the bus at the side of the road.