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Gary & Wendy Carter
Gary & Wendy Carter

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Gary has a big heart for Christian ministry and especially those who lead it. His eclectic life focused on the local church now spans five decades. Gary and his wife Wendy have been active leaders in many churches over this journey together. We have been members of churches large and very small. We have helped start over a dozen churches in both Canada and the US. A few of those have grown from a small start to very large. Others have faded.

There are always reasons. That is what this blog is all about. The posts here are thoughtful and seek to help us understand the dynamics of personal and church growth. Why do some succeed where others fail? These posts contribute some answers.

Gary has written a score of books and has at least ten more in the making. They all contribute to finding a better life. Everyone wants a better life. That better life is in knowing the truth that sets us free — only found in Jesus — and in relating to one another in His church. All the rest is just detail.

Wendy handles much of the detail in our lives and keeps us going. You can read Wendy’s perspective on life at her personal blog. wendycarter.info

You won’t find anything much that is newsy here but you will find up-to-the-minute help for Christians — especially those who lead.