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Author: Gary V Carter

Three Uncomfortable Truths

I don’t like being uncomfortable and I am guessing you don’t either. I don’t like mosquito bites and many other irritants. But when I get past my selfish pet peeves there are lots of more important things that make me uncomfortable about eternal things and Christians. So here is a bit of a rant. Maybe some of these items make you feel uncomfortable too. Newcomers It is very rare to arrive at a church incognito and have anyone other than the greeter at the door say hello let alone show any interest. It is not like I care for my...

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Written Words and Power

Everyone writes something sometime. Even if it is simply a shopping list or a birthday card or notes at a meeting, everyone writes. The Commitment Writing something down is a commitment. When you decide to let it flow from the end of your fingers you are making a commitment. Every word written is a choice to eliminate all the other possible words that could follow. Writing something down can be a difficult commitment to make. However, broad-based experience has shown that when people write things down they are more likely to happen than if they just remain foggy notions...

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The Grip

I remember my mother saying, “Convice a man against his will / And he is of the same opinion still!” It usually came out after a frustrating disagreement with my father. Not like that happened too regularly. She had a point. People don’t change their grip on things easily. Let’s think about that. Argumentation may win an argument but it seldom turns an oponent into a convert. So why would we try? Many differences make no difference; they only represent inconsequential preferences. However, when you are close to the issue it may not seem so unimportant. There are times...

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A Culture Breakfast Menu

Churches, and may I say most church consultants, are hung up on strategy. Strategy isn’t the enemy but culture is the issue. However culture is not about cool. We have spent our wad on cool. You know: the music, the videos, the dress, the vocabulary etc. All good. Should be perpetually adjusted as society evolves. But culture runs deeper. And yes, we must address strategy, structure and other issues in due course. Without cool and without strategy church leaders can make a huge difference by attacking and reforming culture. If the people aren’t willing to learn new cultural norms...

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Culture Needs Breakfast

Peter Drucker was right. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” However, once you get the priority on the culture you had better have a strategy. Cool draws a crowd sometimes. But that crowd is often fickle and will run to the next season’s version of cool quicker than you expect. The strategy has to be more than cool stuff. New shiny toys become forgotten very quickly. Proactive Bias Toward Relationships The strategy has to be built on developing mechanisms that multiply new relationships. This can’t be left to organic. Organic is just the cool of the day. Atrophy eats organic...

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