Author: Gary V Carter

How to Comprehend and Fix Behaviour

There is an underlying sequence inside a person which ultimately demonstrates itself in the behaviour exhibited by their lives. We are often confronted with words out of a mouth that say one thing leaving an impression and quite a different story in what the person actually does. Always go with the outer evidence, not the words in developing your understanding of their reality. My friend David Morgan, who I count as a world-class presenter taught me a process of the inner mechanisms that lead to behaviour. And not incidentally my experience is that he is one of the ones...

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Kainos is the Greek word for “new.” There are two kinds of new. 1. A new instance of something already experienced or created. 2. A new concept yet to be experienced or created. These two kinds often blend into one. For example, you might get a new car. It isn’t completely new but it does have some new ideas built-in and is better than your old car. Lasting memories flow from things that are new. When you go to a place you have never been before if it is different from your former experiences you are likely to remember...

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The Five Foundation Pillars

It takes five foundation pillars to create any entity out of nothing.¬† And in church work sometimes you really do have to start from scratch. You might hope to get some help from outside your church and in some cases, it happens. But it is not likely. You have to accept responsibility for all five in house. Motivation First of all, somebody has got to want to get it done or it simply won’t be done. If all you see are the obstacles and give up trying nothing will happen. You may have to fail more often than you...

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Worship Team Wanted

I wish I had taken a picture. It was on the church sign in front of the church high above a four-lane highway. “Worship Team Wanted.” My mind whirred. What is that saying to a potential newcomer? I suppose it says different things to different people. Let’s see. To the church guitar player from the other church who really thinks he should be paid, it probably makes him wonder if he can get a few of his friends together and do music at that church instead. Is that what they are looking for? To the person who goes to...

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TAME Your Soul

Yes. Your soul needs taming. You will never be the influence you are called to be if you don’t TAME your soul. There are many dimensions¬†to this. The most important dimension is inviting grace to change you in the ways the Bible directs. There are so many directions to live out. For example, “Do.” That is an instruction from Jesus. “Do.” Immediately you ask, “Do what?” Simple. “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Luke 6:31) You are “it” in this great life game of tag. But there is more. And we have to bust...

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