Author: Gary V Carter

Stats or Anecdotes

Those who know me think I care about statistics. Well, sort of. I care about the realities behind the stats as part of the information that helps me run the race with more of an edge. Here are some things I have read that allege to be based on research. I really don’t know how reliable the research is. But until I can replicate the research myself I am going to develop my approach based on these concepts. 80% of people who come to Christ do so after 6 Gospel presentations. 60% of people who come to Christ do...

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The Bag of Bones

Yesterday Wendy and I went to visit a pastor friend/couple of long-standing we haven’t seen for a decade. We just picked up where we left off. It was about as rich a visit as four people could ever have. This morning I still feel the glow. We visited the church where my friend is Interim Pastor and heard his very thoughtful sermon. I want to tell you a little about an illustration he used about bones but first let me put this in context. Our Tribes We all run in tribes. Life limits one’s active associations and the most active...

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Fear and Me

I had a friend and mentor say to me many years ago, “The hardest door to get through is my own.” That surprised me because he seemed to have more readiness to engage strangers than I ever imagined I could have. Now I am him. Others think I find it easy to talk to new people. For me, it is easier than it was but the hardest door to get through is still my own. I remember the conversation in my basement office with my friend back in the 1980s. He went on to say, “I marvel at the...

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Knowing What to Say

Here is how I try to coach people. I got this from Paul in I Thessalonians 5:14. The following three categories could represent the approach a person needs in a season of life or might even be a settled personality with long standing evidence. Most people you meet need one of these three approaches. Most of us are better at one approach than the other two. We all need to develop balance based on the need of the other person not on our own propensity. Category 1: The Lazy Need Warning “Warn the idle” = if they are lazy, kick...

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Cowardly Lions

Everyone knows that courage is an important character trait. It is a non-negotiable personal quality for success. Most of us will admit we lack courage — at least a times. And yet it is a gut punch if someone notices and names it for what that lack is — cowardice. Courage in Theory In theory, we plan to speak or act with courage. But when reality hits, it is too easy to forget our lines. Courage in The Moment Responding with courage at the exact moment we need it is a key problem. Speaking or acting with courage in...

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