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Author: Gary V Carter

Where Are the Preachers?

I got something off my bucket list. One of my “Timothy’s” finally got to the place where his call to ministry was officially recognized in his church having been previously examined by a council of his peers. I had been prodding for this event for years because there was never a doubt in my mind that God has his hand on this man in a special way. However, that is not what I want to write about today. The preacher yesterday was a very long time friend and associate who said something in his message that got my attention....

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It Happened Again

Last week Wendy and I visited another church. It was the same thing we have experienced dozens of times before. We arrived about 10 minutes before the stated service time. The parking lot was mostly empty. If we hadn’t had known better we probably would have driven away thinking we had the wrong time. We entered the back non-descript door. It looked like we were entering the backstage door and not the entrance for the parishioners. But again we knew better; this wasn’t new. Really, think about that. Big solid steel door. No sign to tell us we were...

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My Two for One Deal

This may not be what you think. I am not selling anything other that a way to reduce life clutter. I have a new tactic. Well it is new for me at least. Here is my problem. Well here is one of my problems. My desktop is a repository for way too much stuff. That is true of the Desktop on my computer as well. Once in a while my wife helps me out by coming in to my overwhelming mess and tidying it up. I live under the illusion that my mental filing system can find stuff on...

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Is 50% Good Enough

Most church leaders spend a lot of time contemplating their navel because they know all is not working as it should. The grand fear is that everything is about to explode, never to be recovered. The thing is this fear is like a bogey man in the night. It is difficult to admit to anyone that you see it. What to do? Flowers or Weeds Perhaps the first thing to keep out front is that you would be very wise to keep your eyes on the flowers and not the weeds. It is always demotivating when something doesn’t meet...

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The Good Old Days

Really? Did anyone actually drive one of these? Apparently. For me the VW Van minus the paint job reminds me of the weekend my college roommate rebuilt the engine. Seriously. One weekend. The engine comes out with four bolts. I mostly watched and gave some moral support in the process but I like to think I helped. I see analogies between this experience and the experience of church back in the day. It was easy. At least easier in my memory. The part that was easy was that all you had to do was a credible job of the...

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