Author: Gary V Carter

Top 10 Fallacies Inhibiting Church Starting

I have worked with more than a dozen church starts over the years. Some have thrived; some have not; some failed. I learned more from the failures than the successes. Along the way, I have watched and identified with the yearning of some to get more happening on the “church planting” front. For starters, I don’t think the term “church planting” communicates to the outside world it is insider talk. Another common piece of insider talk is the term “vision casting” which is seldom used outside church circles. If we want to get this right we have to get...

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Out Reach or In Suck?

Are we better at “Out Reach” or “In Suck?” Or perhaps neither?   Some are now eschewing (now there is an old word) the word “outreach.” It seems we gave up on the word “evangelism” some time ago. And we never liked the word the bad guys use in discussion of our efforts — “proselytization.”   We took our eye off the ball when we decided to focus on those we deemed to be “seekers” so that word is now in decline. The way I see it the Bible describes Jesus as the seeker.   We drifted into the...

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Naw, I’ve never written much poetry. But here is one poem I did write over a decade ago. The Box In the box there is safety; There are limits; there is rest. It is there the definitions Make most sense from the box next.   Most folks choose a box for safety. It gives clarity, clock and pay. It is easy to describe To other boxers along the way.   Location, status, title – Especially for a man – The box answers many questions. It’s secure; it defines the plan.   Without a box to stay in Others shudder...

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Secret Sunday Shopper Report

The following is a consulting report developed for one church. The identity of the church and individuals is masked. This church is a large church with two services. The town in which the church is located is small. Disclaimer Our first-hand observations are anecdotal and may not be representative of how others would find things. Bear in mind that we come with a fine-tuned eye and experience things differently than an average first time guest. Our Exact Experience January 26, 2017 We arrived in the area from out of town at about 10:30 am planning to attend the 11:00...

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Small Church

I think there is too much focus on large churches. For example, material on breaking the 200 barrier abounds. But the thing is that 60% of the churches in North America self-report attendance less than 100. And many of them are declining. Breaking any growth barrier is an irrelevant issue until you are at least breaking even let alone in decline. Study this chart if you need to readjust your thinking. Range # of Churches % of Churches Attendance % of People 7 to 99 177,000 59% 9,000,000 25% 100 to 499 105,000 35% 5,000,000 14% 500 to 999...

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