Author: Gary V Carter

A Culture Breakfast Menu

Churches, and may I say most church consultants, are hung up on strategy. Strategy isn’t the enemy but culture is the issue. However culture is not about cool. We have spent our wad on cool. You know: the music, the videos, the dress, the vocabulary etc. All good. Should be perpetually adjusted as society evolves. But culture runs deeper. And yes, we must address strategy, structure and other issues in due course. Without cool and without strategy church leaders can make a huge difference by attacking and reforming culture. If the people aren’t willing to learn new cultural norms...

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Culture Needs Breakfast

Peter Drucker was right. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” However, once you get the priority on the culture you had better have a strategy. Cool draws a crowd sometimes. But that crowd is often fickle and will run to the next season’s version of cool quicker than you expect. The strategy has to be more than cool stuff. New shiny toys become forgotten very quickly. Proactive Bias Toward Relationships The strategy has to be built on developing mechanisms that multiply new relationships. This can’t be left to organic. Organic is just the cool of the day. Atrophy eats organic...

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The Answer Is Yes

We are all by nature “No” people. And that is understandable. USA Today, 2006: “The average 1970s city dweller was exposed to 500 to 2,000 ad messages a day. Now, it’s 3,000 to 5,000.” (J.Walker Smith) And that was before Facebook ads! Imagine how many ads we see today. Now imagine if we said “YES” to them all. We have to say “No” much more often than we say “Yes.” Add to that the fact that much of that advertising appeals to our lower nature — greed, lust etc. We had better learn to say, “No.” That is not...

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I Love New York!

Well the smaller towns of New York State at least. While traveling through the State I enjoy the majestic trees and stately old houses. Often there are American flags hung out that remind me I am not in Canada. I respect the patriotism. Small Town Church I know that while the north east side of the United States is not known as a Bible belt there are proportionately at least 50% more evangelicals than in Canada as a whole with an even greater disparity to the cities of Ontario where I have lived most of my life. Therefore, there...

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“For years it has made me queasy to hear someone say, “I guess it just wasn’t God’s will.” Usually, it is said about an enterprise attempted with faith and obedience to Jesus that didn’t appear to work. When something fails, attributing the failure to God is not the only option. We ought to place the responsibility where it belongs. As I see it there are five possible stop signs. The God Stop It is certain that God does stop some things because they are not his will or at least his timing. But that is no time to lay...

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