Cowardly Lions

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Everyone knows that courage is an important character trait. It is a non-negotiable personal quality for success.

Most of us will admit we lack courage — at least a times. And yet it is a gut punch if someone notices and names it for what that lack is — cowardice.

Courage in Theory

In theory, we plan to speak or act with courage. But when reality hits, it is too easy to forget our lines.

Courage in The Moment

Responding with courage at the exact moment we need it is a key problem. Speaking or acting with courage in a moment of spontaneous anger isn’t courage at all. But settled well thought out indignation may bring out the right words or actions at the moment of need.

Therefore, pre-thinking and stirring the mind and emotions with the correct facts is a foundation for courage in the moment.

Courage in The Crowd

The crowd needs a courageous leader. Courage headed in the right direction enlists plenty of followers over time. That doesn’t always happen at first. Waiting for someone else to be the courageous leader is a comforting strategy — or is it cowardice? When others look at you with longing eyes it is an opportunity for your courage — not theirs.

Courage in The Morning

Your willpower is strongest in the morning and so is your courage. When you need to exhibit courage late in the day, set it up early in the morning. Make that appointment early. Declare your intentions to a confidant early. Think of it as getting on a roller coaster. The moment they latch you in and the train starts rolling, courage or not you are going for the full ride. Just set up the conditions to get in that car and the rest takes care of itself.

As I ponder where I fail, I see many failing habits. I wait for others to lead when I should be the leader. I try to persuade someone else to take on the courageous role needed. I deflect my agenda away from booking the event that needs the courage. I don’t think I have. I fail to initiate the conversations I should have in a timely manner.

Maybe you are like me. But neither of us want to be the coward. So it is time to act.

As I come to the end of this post it is hard for me to hit publish. I know there is much more to say. I suspect someone may point that out to me. Please, do so. But as I say that I really won’t enjoy it the moment you do show your courage. I will respond to you if you point something out that I missed.

So here is my mini-moment of courage I am about to hit publish and put it out there!

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