Where are the Sirens?

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I learn a lot from guys like Thom Rainer and Ed Stetzer.

I read this post this morning. You should read it too since you care about the subject.

Why Dying Churches Die

His points are bang on.

Now the solution is to find corrective measures for the six points he makes.

I read yesterday that attendance at the 47,000 Southern Baptist Churches in the US declined by 6% in 2016. That should be enough to set sirens wailing and rescue lights flashing.

I learned a long time ago that any fool can tell you what’s wrong but it takes a genius to fix it. I’m not sure about those extremes but you get the point.

Rainer has had over a decade as President of Lifeway Christian Resources. They have several thousand employees and countless good products. They work hard. They are sincere. They are non-profit and give back like crazy.

But the dirty little secret is, apparently it is not working!Many churches are dying. Some are so sick that they are a few years, perhaps just months, from death. But too many refuse to do anything. (Thom Rainer)

The solutions they have offered aren’t solving the decline problem. More sirens please.

No resource is going to solve a problem from a shelf. Implementation is often the problem. But still.

The diagnosis Thom gives in his post seems clear.

Now Thom, tell us what to do! *

Here are the questions to ask about whatever your potential solution may be.

Score each on a scale of 1 to 10. If you get less than 30 points look harder for a better way.

  1. Is it simple enough?
  2. Can we do it?
  3. Can we afford it?
  4. Will it work?

I can show you how the “4 Wheels on the Bus” approach scores 40. But it can’t work on a shelf either.

* Thom does give some help for free and for fee! https://churchanswers.com/

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