Numerical Growth in Your Church

  • What if that growing church across town secretly makes you feel jealous, sad or even angry?
    • Maybe you see the flaws and others see the glitz.
    • Maybe you believe it is short-lived but others don’t want to hear you out.
    • Maybe you have put in the sweat to win some people only to have them get drawn away by that shiny object across town.
  • What if you have tried everything you can think of and nothing seems to work?
    • Maybe you invested countless hours in the craft of preaching but it isn’t creating the change you think it should.
    • Maybe you can’t find the people to get the music just right.
    • Maybe you tweaked the program and got an initial boost but now have tabled off.
    • Maybe you just can’t figure it out.
  • What if you think numerical growth will just happen if you get everything else right first?
    • Maybe you think if only the people got their hearts right the Lord would pour out the blessing of numerical growth.
    • Maybe you are wired to take care of people and you already are heartsick over the needs you can’t seem to meet.
    • Maybe you haven’t thought much about it until now and you are starting to panic.

And maybe something else got you to this page. You just care about reaching more people and helping them follow Jesus.

You can read one of my books; take one of my courses or work with me as your personal coach or mentor. One thing is sure to me. If you take a look at “The Pastor’s Manifesto” it will either capture your attention or not!  Pass on your email address and name and take a peek! Nothing ventured; nothing gained!