Is 50% Good Enough

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Most church leaders spend a lot of time contemplating their navel because they know all is not working as it should. The grand fear is that everything is about to explode, never to be recovered. The thing is this fear is like a bogey man in the night. It is difficult to admit to anyone that you see it. What to do?

Flowers or Weeds

Perhaps the first thing to keep out front is that you would be very wise to keep your eyes on the flowers and not the weeds. It is always demotivating when something doesn’t meet your expectations. And generally it is likely that everything could be better than it is.

Attendance is a case in point. It is easy to scold the people who do attend something about the people who aren’t there. But that is simply not smart. Be grateful for the people who do attend. You will seldom get 100% of the people to your meetings. But you must keep on regardless. Think in terms of Sunday attendance of about 50% of the people who call your church their church home. If you want your attendance to go up by one you must add two to the crowd who should attend.

This is just a very small start to the question of how to handle the fear of imminent destruction or gradual demise. We will come back to it!

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