Written Words and Power

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Everyone writes something sometime. Even if it is simply a shopping list or a birthday card or notes at a meeting, everyone writes.

The Commitment

Writing something down is a commitment. When you decide to let it flow from the end of your fingers you are making a commitment. Every word written is a choice to eliminate all the other possible words that could follow.

Writing something down can be a difficult commitment to make. However, broad-based experience has shown that when people write things down they are more likely to happen than if they just remain foggy notions in the mind.


What will you write today? What commitment will it represent? Will you follow through on your commitment once you write it down?

If it is a simple as a note to pick up a quart of milk at the store and you don’t follow through, you will set in motion another set of circumstances. You may have to retrace your steps and get it right the second time. You may have some explaining to do. You may inconvenience others if you fail. You may damage the trust others place in you. Do that often enough and your life could unravel.

Every time you commit it — whatever it is — to paper or computer screen something happens in your brain to conspire to make it so. If it matters, write it down. The mere habit of doing this will expand your life more than you could ever imagine!

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