Your Church’s Vitality

It is easier than you might think to increase your vitality!

If you face reality, you can increase your church’s vitality.

But sometimes facing reality is like a trip to the dentist. You know it’s necessary, but aspects of it are certainly not pleasant. As they say, you only need to floss the teeth you plan to keep. Remembering to floss is another matter.

The fundamental key to church vitality is church growth. If you invite more people to church, some of them will come and your church will grow. As your church grows, the temperature of enthusiasm is likely to rise.

Another key issue in church vitality is the message that is conveyed. It must be uplifting and positive.

Six Feelings to Consider

Think for a moment about these six core human emotions. Some promote prosperity in the church, which really speaks to people’s greed. Others talk of how much better it is in some other place, really only drawing on people’s envy. Those emotions are not helpful. 

However, there are four more emotions, or categories, to consider. One of them is anger. Be careful. If you want to get angry, don’t get angry at people. Get angry at the devil who has deceived people. But let that angry emotion stay in its place and not dominate. Another helpful emotion is fear. But you need to be afraid of the right things. Again, there’s no need to be afraid of the other group, denomination, or fraternity. Emphasizing what’s wrong with them will not help people improve their lives.

The last two categories of emotion are those that will accelerate your vitality. 

The first one is curiosity. The people of your church always need to anticipate that something good is about to happen. They need to believe they will find new strategies for living their life. Curiosity makes them eager to try out and prove the techniques that you teach. It isn’t just about the information; it is about the application of that information. Some people are curious to learn and try new ways in a new day. Such newness makes for a vital church.

The final emotion to dwell on and emphasize every time you meet is love in its various aspects. Love starts with an agreeable disposition. People need to know, like, and trust that they will be lifted up and find more truth than they once had. They need to see that they belong and find their conviction and confidence rising as others around them care and accept them.

Is There Love in the House?

There is so much more to say about love. The best place to learn what it means and how to live it out is on the pages of the Bible. Make the saturation of your personality with the love taught in the Bible, and your church will become more vital.